NASA TV and Space Stations Cameras Live


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why i can't play video in's picture

I am Pankaj Jani from Mumbai India, being a Amateur Radio operator call sign VU3PMJ, active with local CIVIL DEFENCE and conducting awareness workshop on AMATEUR RADIO& FIRE SAFETY RESCUE to the College & School Students and Senior Citizens at many parts of India. This is one of the advantage where I can show ISS Tracking map to my students. I request your goodselves to permit me for free to show this images to our students in India. Thank you very much. This Cosmoplus image is very useful and amazing scientic information for the young generations. Once again thanks & NAMASTE from INDIA.

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I just noticed we now have two more frames, and good it now tells you when the station will be in your latitude nexed the site getting better as we go on .

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Been a regular on ustream for about a year or so . This combo is great though. My name on Ustream is jackct.

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I saw an object yesterday. Could it be a satellite? I added some screen shots (images)'s picture

Anyone see that thing approach cam 2 ? I got a few screen shots first coming towards last few going away xx

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How can we see the screen shots?

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I hope to capture a shot from the ISS of the pan Handle of Florida.... I live 10 mins North of the FL border. Dothan is a circle city so I am waiting for the day it is set to scan straight down!!! I HOPE TO SEE ROSS CLARK CIRCLE FROM SPACE SOON!! Are ya'll taking requests? or just Prayers!! LOL!! I missed the pass over on ((((( Sunday July 10 at around 11am central )))))... anyone get a shot they could share?? THANKS <3 Janet<><

3 blank screen,I am new to this site,is this normal ?

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It could be because your network is slow or the satellite is positioned in an open ocean during night time. so you wont see a thing especially if there are no thunderstorms...if that doesn't answer your question then i hope somebody will give you the answer :)

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I can not see any video or live footage.

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Hey whers the feed to the other cameras i know they work i want to see the horizon. Please fix it

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Ehat happen to the rotation of different camera views. We know what is out there dont hide it. Let us see it. Please

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The different cameras installed outside or within the ISS allow us to see in real time the beauties of our planet and the works performed by the astronauts in their space race, thanks for sharing with humanity these moments

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- I can't see in full screen.

It's been fixed now.

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Fantastic walk space fromm app and site cosmosplus, amazing - Thanks NASA, beautiful

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I will attempt to receive SSTV from Space... '73!