Live view from Space Station (Cam 1 - HD)


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Is there a problem with the site or with my PC.

your pc need FlasPlayer.


What problem are you seeing?


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I do not find any images with
Space Station Camera 1 (HD)
Space Station Camera 2
The screen is completely black. How to get the images?

When the screen is black usually the ISS is in dark and can't see anything. Check on the tracker if that is the case.

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I do not find any images with
Space Station Camera 1 (HD)
Space Station Camera 2 too like other users
The screen is completely black. How to get the images,please?

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you must install adobe flash player on yuor sistem,,,i hanve had the same problem,but it solve after install adobe flash player...

Non trovo le immagini con
Space Station Camera 1 (HD)
Stazione Spaziale Camera 2 anche come gli altri utenti
Lo schermo è completamente nero anche in pieno giorno. Come ottenere le immagini, grazie

Please help me how to take screen shots from cam 1 - HD. Am I allow to do that and upload on this site.


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Yes you can and you are allowed. When you see a shot on the hd live stream just hit your pring screen button and save it to your pictures file.

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الله اکبر

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Will we be able to see Antarctica??

If not do you have any pics of Antarctica?

Are the camera's a fish-eye lens or through a curved, glass cockpit window??

Would like to know where above the planet the ISS is..

Could you please give us a map of the location of the ISS

it on the orbit. it orbits around the earth.

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Espaço...A ultima fronteira.

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i don't see any thing. it is totally black.

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Wunderful live

What a coincidence, that while the space station is near the north or south pole the image is cut.

I would bet anything that when the space station is not near Antarctica, the image comes back on.

On the map space station is right near Antarctica, and another blank screen.

I have played around the site now for a while at first I thought that the space station just went around US but have since found it has two directions and at times does go over the UK Europe for me that is good as I live in UK ,however I seem to be having probs now catching anything on the screen now even when the space station is not in the darkest side, I was wondering if admin has any ideas adobe is working fine and I have not changed any settings my side .

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I just commented further down the page on this. The radiation from space has taken it's toll on the cameras. Out of all of them , there is only one camera that still has decent color and contrast. It is the rear view camera. Unfortunately they only keep it on for about 5 minutes at a time. All the other cameras just show dark blue nothings. It was fun while it lasted, but I believe this is about it for the cameras.

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The Jig is up folks, growing number of people know this isnt live :-)

why does the #1 CAM always show a very cloudy day when sat pictures doesn't show any weather conditions at all??'s picture

Great view of International Space Craft on HDD Camera 1 & 2,'s picture

Please help me as ISS moves away from Mumbai, India, at 10 degree below North South to North west and difficult to establish contact, Pankaj M. Jani ( VU3PMJ), This one is great achivment to make contact and talk to Astronauts Scott.

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I've been viewing the earth via the Space Station for about 1 1/2 years and am still surprised
and delighted by what I see. If you are here for the first time prepare to be awed. My user name
on Ustream is JACKCT.

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I added three images and I would like to know what they are?

I watched it for 6 or 7 minutes and it suddenlt şost from my monitor. I highlited the object on my images. Please advise's picture

Did u save or download the video ?xx

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This is amazing to see, I have seen lots of wonderful pictures as the camera travels round the earth. What a perfect way to stop for lunch and heading out to space! Its also very interesting to hear the interactions between the ship and earth. Thanks very much. Lindsay

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Very nice

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Here's a question for all you engineer types, what is the time delay for the video to come from the ISS, reviewed by NASA's oh shit squad and fed to this viewer for the common folks like us to see them?


When viewing the space station HD camera in a down view I can see a red dot moving with the image. Is this a height sensor in infra red?.

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Same posts from 4 weeks ago, nothing new and nobody cares's picture

Anyone only get to watch for about 4 mins then says technical difficulties?xx

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I believe that the HD EARTH VIEWING EXPERIMENT has run it's course. All the cameras, with the exception of one rear view have bitten the dust. They have no color distinction. All just dark blue nothings. It was fun while it lasted but space has taken it's toll on the cameras. I wish they would just use the one that at least has some color contrast to it , but it seems to be the one least used.

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looks cool slowly moving down the screen.

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can someone please tell me how to take a picture.

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Yes I can. When you see a view that appeals to you, you pressthe Print Scrn SysRq button on your computer. Then you hit the paint program on your computer. Once you are in the paint program, you press the paste tab in the upper left of the screen. A small box will appear that says paste also. Press the paste tab in the box and the picture that you wanted will appear. Now you can save that picture wherever you want to save it. Preferrably in your pictures folder. That is how it is done. I hope this helps you!!

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How do i take a picture.

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Pc or phone

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Your camera is only pointing into the water and the other cameras are out of focus. Already disappointed just signed up too.

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Wheres the feed to the other cameras i know they work i want to see the horizon please fix it

great nice work wel

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The camera views need to slow down. Every time that you think you are going to get a nice capture, the camera view changes and you lose your opportunity. Please leave views on longer. Thanks a bunch!! Ron Gilbert.