Submit your Space Station camera screenshots

Do you like to watch the live HD camera installed on the International Space Station? Did you see anything that want to share?
Take a screenshot on your computer, save the image, then upload it on this web site.
Don't forget to provide a description to let everyone know what is so special about your picture.


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Haven't seen anyone else on here. Am I the only one?

today for 2 hours there was a large pillar like object on the screen but now my recording software has stopped I lost all that video. I am going to reinstall it hopefully it starts back working. I have two videos that thing.

Hi, I saw that pillar aswell, wonder what
it was. It was when the orbiter was over southern Europe.

I have been on the site for a while now but am finding I get a blank screen now even when the space sat is not in the dark side ,I don't think I have changed any settings my side .'s picture

Space station is a unique place where many astronauts work day and night and doing many test and experiments on the board, with space walk, repairs of cooling systems,. It is a great achivement of the present science where we can achive such advantage to study the universe. HDD Camera also so powerful where one can see the movement of Earth's day & night with a speed of ISS at 28000 kms speed.

Think that the super featured screenshot 01-11-16 must be of the Canadian Coast Mountains near to Vancouver.

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Yes it was.

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I love to watch our beautiful planet from the camera´s.Fills me with wonder every time.I often leave this view running as a live screen saver finding it very relaxing to watch.