Live view from Space Station (Cam 2)


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the screen is blue

...Hermosa vista desde Cam 2...

I was watching the space station going into the dark side it's good to see lights on the space station as it goes into the dark but the space station goes into darkness too I wondered is this because of the solar power failing the lights as it goes into the darkness

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Wow ! I am amazed at how many less viewers the cameras have now. As "Jackct" I visited the cameras at
least 2 or 3 times a day. However , now when I do visit about twice a week neither camera has content.
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Every day day and night I am watching HDD Camera 1 & Camera 2, Earth look like a small ball having beautiful blue colours with clouds over. I see this nearly 10 times a day

What is reflected by Cam 2?

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What is that view, a macro view of what?

Is there a live stream from space on this site,

These guys are not very good at the cameras are they? Past crews were so much better and entertaining. These guys seem to be so busy making sure we don't see anything, not even stars, that they are buffooning through the whole process. What with the CGI blue/green screens messing up almost daily. Sad really when you think that it is taxpayer money that funds this deception. Oh what a tangled wen we weave when we practice to deceive.

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Great view of International Space Craft on HDD Camera 1 & 2,

This one should listed on popular digital camera reviews( Simply amazing seeing a camera working like this!

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Looking at things like this make you realize how small things really are. All the fighting and bickering we do amongst each other is so insignificant when we share such a small place in this galaxy. Matt -